Svetlichnaya presented prizes to young bankers of the Kharkiv region

16 May 2018, 18:29 | Economy
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On May 16, the chairman of the HOGA met with the finalists of the tournament - teams of schoolchildren and students of Kharkov educational institutions during a visit to the Kharkov Institute of Education and Science of the University of Banking.

The first regional tournament on financial literacy for the chair of the KOGA was held as part of the project to raise the level of financial literacy of the population from October 6 to November 18, 2017. 296 participants took part in the competitions: 18 teams - from universities and 23 teams - from schools and out-of-school educational institutions of the Kharkiv region.

In the semifinals of the tournament, the top 10 competed for the first stage of university and 8 school teams.

Congratulating the representatives of these teams, Yulia Svetlichnaya wished them success in further studying the financial and banking matters.

"Perhaps you will connect your future destiny with the banking business. This is a good, prestigious profession, but very responsible, because the financial stability of the institution, the region and the state depends on this sphere. This is a small mechanism that works in a common car, - the head of the region underlined.. - I rejoice for those who won. Youth is an active, progressive, intellectual force that will advance our state forward and become the future of our country. We work together with you ».

The chairman of HOGA said that the tournament on financial literacy, founded in 2017, will be an annual.

"I have assurances from the University of Banking, the Kharkiv University Consortium and the Kharkov Banking Union that we will continue this game. Oblast administration, of course, will join and help. We will make this event annual in order to raise both professional skills of specialists, as well as intellectual and financial literacy of citizens, "said Yulia Svetlichnaya.

The winner of the First Tournament among the teams that represented the institutions of higher education was the team "Golden Stock" of the Kharkiv National University of Economics. Kuznets seeds. The best team among the general and extracurricular educational institutions was the team of Kharkov gymnasium No. 46. Lomonosov Gold Reserve 46.

The captain of the economic university team, Elena Kotsyuba, says that the teams are already waiting for the start of the new tournament.

"I want to express my personal gratitude for the fact that we could be involved in this event. The tournament was held in a very unusual format. It was not a simple olympiad or testing. Personally, I fell in love with this game, - shared a student. "Now I continue to cooperate with those financial organizations and institutions that participated in the game".

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