The ruble was derailed

16 May 2018, 12:52 | Economy
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The Russian currency is under colossal pressure.

Against her, there are so many factors that it will be very hard to stay on the level reached in the last couple of weeks "wooden". At yesterday's auction on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the ruble sank 46 copecks to the dollar and grew by 2 kopecks against the euro. Today, the Russian currency is trying to grow and so far it is succeeding. The dollar at the opening fell by 6 cents, to 62.25 rubles, the euro depreciated by 5 cents, to 73.71 rubles. But experts expect that by the end of this week, the weakening of the ruble to major world currencies will resume. Against the ruble is a whole range of factors. First, it is a purposeful purchase of dollars by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to increase reserves. Secondly, this is a serious strengthening of the dollar's position on world exchanges (this is due to positive statistics from the US, where retail sales have significantly increased). Thirdly, this is the general unfavorable position of the currencies of developing economies against the backdrop of an increase in the yield of US government bonds. The ruble can only hope for a hydrocarbon trump card. Oil prices in early May updated highs in 2014. and continue to remain at a high level. For the Russian currency, this is traditionally a powerful support factor. "Purchases of currency with rising oil prices still do not increase proportionally in proportion to the growth in the cost of a barrel, so the potential for strengthening the ruble still remains," points out Professor Boris Kheifets, a professor at the Finance University under the Russian government. Nevertheless, the list of negative factors in its weight outweighs the positive impact of oil quotations on the value of the ruble. In addition, black gold may soon drop significantly in price. Americans increase the number of operating drilling rigs, and the price spike caused by the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal on Iran has already been won. Particularly indicative is the position of the Russian financial authorities. A number of experts believe that the Ministry of Finance deliberately set a course for devaluation.

The volume of exports in connection with the new anti-Russian sanctions has decreased, therefore, to cover the falling revenues of the budget, the government benefits from a cheap ruble. "The dollar exchange rate recovered to the price gap of 62.58-63.23 rubles, which was formed on May 10. If the price has returned to him, then in the next two days it will rise to 63.23 rubles and will close it. A similar situation is expected from the euro / ruble pair. Levels of 63.23 rubles per US dollar and 75 rubles per euro remain target levels for ruble pairs for the current week, "- forecasts the analyst of Alpari company Vladislav Antonov.

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