The clean-up of the banking sector has moved into the media environment

13 February 2018, 14:16 | Economy
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The activity of the Central Bank and the Deposit Insurance Agency under its control, on the one hand, and the owners of bankrupt banks and their depositors, on the other, became the subject of active disputes in the Russian information space. If earlier this story was reflected mainly in the pages and websites of newspapers, then over the weekend it was picked up by telegram channels.

They were attracted by the "fried", namely, reports that the owners of the banks that had remained without a license decided to play a political card and started supporting the opposition candidates. However, the appeared compromising evidence did not inspire confidence in most aggregators. For example, Banksta directly explains where the legs grow: in the opinion of the publication, "The Central Bank in the person of Vasily Pozdyshev (the deputy chairman of the Central Bank) decided to reply to the bankers of the banks" killed "- in particular, Gutseriev from Binbank, the owner of the discovery of Belyaev and the fighter from bank of Yugra Hotina (because of their ongoing struggle) ". However, reports that allegedly "Khotin finances the communist Pavel Grudinin" "look fictitious," note the authors of "Bankers". "Nebrekhnya" reported that "the Central Bank decided to throw in rumors about the owners of banks, which the Central Bank has closed, because they have joined the fight and are trying to return licenses (which is worth the 30,000th petition of investors and the reaction of the first persons to it)". On this basis, the Bablyshko channel concluded that "we will soon be able to observe a wave of information throws about disgraced bankers (Belyaev, Gutseriev, Kogan, Musin, Khotin and others, whose banks have problems with the Central Bank)". It should be noted that the Central Bank had defenders among telegram channels. For example, "Rabbit with Neglinnoy" indicates that many information resources themselves are biased: "If you pay attention to the content of these channels, then there does not take a day to not accuse the regulator of mortal sins". However, there are obvious facts that can not be closed by the eyes. Namely - all this squabble in the media sphere arose when private customers of bankrupted banks, together with the Union of Russian investors, whose skeleton was made up by the victims due to the revocation of the license from Yugra Bank, staged an all-Russian action. Within a week they collected signatures under an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with a request to draw attention to the activities of the Central Bank and the DIA. Petition, according to "Banker. Ru ", signed more than 30 thousand. Russians. She already left the president. Ignore it, as before the appeal of the shareholders of Ugra, the regulator will not be able to. Moreover, recently criticism of him has been heard both by the scientific community and by the financiers.

So, the head of VTB Andrey Kostin expressed the opinion that the Central Bank creates a system that "contradicts any logic and any laws of development of the financial sphere". Co-owner of Alfa Bank, Peter Aven, called on the Central Bank to be "a partner of banks, not a bad cop". And the ex-president of bank "Yugra" Alexey Nefedov has rigidly compared attacks of the Central Bank on banks with "raider captures of 90th years".

After that, the "plums" about the unseemly acts of the owners of bankrupt banks. The case, as they say, is sewn with white threads.

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