Future pensioners earned in silence

13 February 2018, 12:04 | Economy
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Citizens who could not or did not want to decide on the fate of their pension savings, earned good money last year. They received an income of 8.59% per annum, which is 3.5 times higher than last year's inflation rate. Such data are contained in the documents of Vnesheconombank. VEB achieved this level of profitability by investing pension savings in the expanded investment portfolio. The yield on the investment portfolio of government securities was 11.09% last year, 10.52% for the term pension payments portfolio, 10.09% per annum for the investment portfolio of the payout reserve. So, future pensioners in any case got a good profit, given that the official inflation rate, according to Rosstat, was only 2.5%. The state corporation manages the pension savings of those citizens who have not chosen a private management company or a non-state pension fund (NPF). They are also called "silent".

VEB automatically invests these funds in an expanded investment portfolio, but if desired, citizens can apply for a portfolio of government securities. The management of VEB advises citizens to continue to remain "silent". Only in this way will they be able to extract the maximum from their pension capital. According to the first deputy chairman of the organization Nikolai Tsekhomsky, if the pension savings are transferred ahead of schedule, Russians can lose up to 20% of their income. "What troubles us is that in 2019 we can see a large outflow. It is of fundamental importance at the legislative level to pass a law on informing our pensioners that they will lose most of their income when moving to NPFs, in some cases up to 20%, "the RNS top manager. In 2017 year. The outflow of pension funds from VEB amounted to 255 billion rubles. This year, according to Tsekhomsky, the outflow is expected at a lower level, "thanks to the decision of the FIU to suspend the activities of certification centers". But next year the figure may again grow.

In this situation, citizens need to be warned about the possible consequences of withdrawing funds, the VEB. Vnesheconombank is one of 36 managing companies that work with the money of "silent people", of whom there are more than 40 million people in Russia. But it accounts for most of their funds.

VEB forms two portfolios with pension savings - a less conservative extended (1.818 trillion rubles) and a more conservative portfolio of government securities (29 billion rubles).

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