In the network showed a video of testing "flying" tanks for Ukrainian paratroopers

19 May 2017, 11:16 | Economy
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The Kharkov Armored Factory has prepared for the transfer to the paratroopers a new batch of "aircraft" T-80. This was reported by the press service of the Ukroboronproma.

"For the high-speed qualities that the gas turbine engine provides with a maximum capacity of 1250 liters. , Accelerating the T-80 to 70 km / h, in the army this tank is called, - noted in the concern.

At the KhBZ, a whole complex of works was carried out to restore the engine, transmission, running gear, electronic equipment, fire control system, improve machine protection and other works. After the repair, each tank was tested at the range, including firing and tankordry run for 100 km.

The video shows verification of the accuracy of the fire from the 125-mm gun and sea trials, including overcoming the hill.

T-80 - the main battle tank weighing 44.5 tons, produced in the USSR. The world's first production tank with a single gas turbine power plant. The modification of the T-80BV was adopted in 1985.

Paratroopers of the Armed Forces received the first batch of T-80 back in July 2015. This transfer of tanks from Russia to the militants in the ORLO was reported in August of the same year, and in 2016.

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