The European Commission: the decision on a 600 million euro tranche for Ukraine is final

20 March 2017, 21:29 | Economy
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The decision of the European Commission to provide Ukraine with the second tranche of macro-financial assistance was finally approved, despite the unsettled issue of lifting the ban on the export of round timber. This was stated by the vice-president of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis in an interview with UNIAN.

"The decision regarding the second tranche is made. If you want, it is final. Ukraine can count on the second tranche of 600 million euros. This is decided, "- said Dombrovskis.

At the same time, he explained why the European Commission approved the allocation of tranches without Ukraine's fulfillment of the conditions for lifting the ban on the export of roundwood.

"There is already progress in resolving the issue of lifting the ban on timber exports - the relevant bill was registered in the parliament. The EU has room for maneuver, and when we see that there is significant progress in all areas, the issue that is being worked on can not be the reason why we would not allocate this tranche, "said the EC Vice-President.

However, Dombrovskis added that this condition has not disappeared from the Memorandum of Understanding, and the parties should return to it in the context of the third tranche.

"It is important to note that the macro-financial assistance program has very broad conditions contained in the annex to the IGO, and we saw that Ukraine is fulfilling them, in practically all spheres. Indeed, one unresolved issue remains the ban on the export of timber, "he said..

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