The "Russian iPad" project collapsed

20 March 2017, 19:44 | Economy
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The popSLATE company, which released covers for the iPhone with a screen in electronic ink, announced the cessation of activity. The screens for them were made by the company Plastic Logic from the German city of Dresden, to which RUSNANO invested $ 150 million.

RUSNANO Group hastened to make a statement that it is not connected with the bankrupt company and did not invest in the project popSLATE. The release posted on the group's website says that popSLATE was only one of the many customers of Plastic Logic from Dresden, which only supplied screens and did not participate in the development of the cover, which, as it turned out, blocked the operation of the cellular module.

However, the first version of the cover with a 4-inch black and white screen aroused a wave of interest that made the head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais call him "Russian iPad". In fact, the cover provided an opportunity to use a constantly working e-ink-screen. In the future, he promised a dramatic expansion of the functionality of the main device. In particular, it should have a battery that gave 9 hours talk time.

However, as the project leaders Yashar Behzad and Greg Moon stated, the company ended up trivial in funding. This was partially due to technical problems that arose in the development of a new blog.

In particular, the creators tried to make the case suitable for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, but it turned out that the software stuffing of the cover does not mate simultaneously with the two models. It was decided to create separate versions for each model of the iPhone, but here it was not possible to get Apple's "good". It turned out that both cases impose interference and worsen reception of the signal of the telephone operator. In addition, the way to charge devices from the built-in battery was considered not safe enough.

The development of the cover was carried out with the funds collected with the help of crowd-framing. In other words, numerous Internet users have invested in the project, they believed the developers.

The fact that the company is experiencing difficulties, it became clear in the middle of last year, when the promised deliveries started in June. However, the company's management promised that they will begin in March this year. Now the company said that it is in the process of liquidation and will not be able to return the collected funds..

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