Since January in Ukraine there are new qualification requirements to the heads of financial institutions

13 February 2018, 09:11 | Business
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The National Bank explained to Ukrainian financiers that the new order of coordinating the heads of financial institutions (effective since January 6) will affect already existing heads of banks. The corresponding letter of clarification No. 27-0006 / 6139 was sent out by the regulator to representatives of the banking system at the end of January. So, bankers, who previously passed the procedure for approval to the post in the NBU, should not re-submit a package of documents. Despite the fact that the requirements have changed, they are automatically considered to be in compliance with the law. Under the new rules, the National Bank will check only those candidates whom the financial institutions will submit for approval after January 6, 2018.

Recall that Law No. 2210-VIII abolished the requirement for bank managers to have a profile education. Instead, the candidates must pass the proficiency test - to prove that their knowledge and experience is sufficient for the proper performance of the functions of the manager. At the same time, the minimum requirements for working experience in managerial positions have changed. If the head of the bank had previously had to have 3 years of banking experience, now it will take at least 5 years for the appointment, 3 of which - at the leading positions. At the same time, the National Bank was reminded that from now on, when submitting documents for the approval of the pre-government, it is desirable to prepare a certificate of the candidate's experience, in addition to the usual set of papers, including information on the positions held and duties performed. As well as documents confirming the receipt of additional education. In addition, you need to take care of the justification of professionalism:

write to the regulator in a free form, why this candidate is the best suited for the implementation of the business plan and strategy. Until January 6, 2019, all existing advisory councils of Ukrainian banks can continue to work - this possibility is fixed in transitional provisions to Law No. 2210. But already from next year their compositions must be brought into line with the new requirements.

Original article: Since January, new qualification requirements for heads of financial institutions have been in force in Ukraine.

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