SBU interrogated a rescue sailor from the cruiser "

29 June 2022, 14:49 | Incidents
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The Security Service of Ukraine interrogated a Russian sailor who carried out a rescue operation on the cruiser Moskva of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. However, after an unsuccessful rescue, the soldier transferred to the infantry in the Donetsk region, after which he was captured by the Ukrainian military..

" There were a lot of corpses and, basically, the rescue was very sad.. The ship was lost, it sank, it could not be towed.

After we returned from the rescue of the Moscow, we were given two choices:

either you go further to the ship at sea, or into the infantry. I saw enough of what was on the " And I refused: I wrote a report that I agreed to a special operation in Ukraine,"

A young Russian " In three weeks, Wagner instructors helped him "

30 Russian servicemen were sent to reconnaissance on two armored personnel carriers, but the very first combat mission turned out to be a failure: the "

Only three out of thirty survived.. Russian commanders left the wounded on the battlefield.

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