The An-148 crash in Russia. Aviosexpert named the possible cause of the tragedy

13 February 2018, 16:18 | Incidents
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The cause of the crash of the An-148 passenger plane in Russia was some extraordinary event, it is possible that the terrorist attack on board. Previously voiced versions of a collision with another flying object, pilot error or icing of the aircraft's hull cause questions.

This was broadcast on the air of ObozTV air expert Vyacheslav Konovalov.

As the expert noted, the majority of air crashes have three main explanations - weather conditions, technical malfunction and crew inadequacy.

However, in the case of An-148 Konovalov suggested some sudden emergency, because the crew did not manage to report to the ground about the problems that had arisen before the crash.

"Something extraordinary happened ... Most likely, it was a terrorist attack, or something happened that instantly de-energized the aircraft," - said the expert.

Konovalov also commented on the possibility of a plane colliding with a certain object in the air, and recalled that the Russian authorities denied the version of the collision with the helicopter.

"Usually this is complete sloppiness on the part of the pilots, or complete sloppiness on the part of the controllers ... Judging by the flight hours, the pilot was qualified," he said..

Also, the expert commented on the version that the cause of the crash of the aircraft was the icing of the fuselage.

"When there is icing, it goes gradually. When climbing, this would not have affected, and the pilot would have been able to report to the ground - "the stabilizers were icing, and I'm falling" ... We remember the stories when the aircraft fell from icing - not 4 minutes from take-off, but much more, "he added..

As it was written earlier, on February 11 a passenger liner An-148 crashed in Russia, which flew from Moscow to Orsk. There were 71 people on board, no one survived.

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