Near the Bahamas found the wreckage of the aircraft

17 May 2017, 09:12 | Incidents
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They most likely belong to a plane that disappeared earlier. As reported by CNN, according to preliminary data on board the aircraft were four Americans.

This is a woman of 40 years, a man of 52 years and two of their children three and four years old.

Rescuers are now searching for passengers. As the representative of the coastal service of Florida Eric Woodall told reporters, the wreckage found 25 kilometers east of Eleuthera.

A small MU-2B with four people on board, she said, disappeared from the radar screens on her way from Puerto Rico to Florida. He flew back on Monday at 11 am local time, about two o'clock in the afternoon the connection with him was lost.

At the time of the disappearance, the aircraft was at an altitude of more than seven thousand meters above Eleuther - one of the Bahamas. The Coast Guard continues to search for possibly surviving passengers in the area.

Recall, as reported URA-Inform, in Japan in the southern part of the island of Hokkaido, a reconnaissance plane of self-defense air forces crashed. The wreckage of the aircraft was found near the dam in the city of Assab in the southern part of the island. It is also known that on board the liner there were four people.

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