Kharkov is ready to receive evacuees from Balakleya

23 March 2017, 20:08 | Incidents
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About this "Chief" said the first deputy of the Kharkov mayor Igor Terekhov.

"We have determined the places where people stay. These are the territories of communal enterprises, children's camps, social institutions, a modular town. In addition to housing, we are ready to provide them with food, medicine, psychological help, "said Igor Terekhov.

People who left their place of permanent residence in Balakley and the nearest villages can be accommodated in a modular town (pr. Lev Landau, 27d), where there are 70 seats available. In addition, there is now deployed an additional module for 40 people.

In the Kharkov City Center for the Reintegration of Homeless Citizens (ul.. Mira, 102) are ready to accept 10 men and 10 women.

In Kharkov city center of complex rehabilitation of persons with disabilities "Promin" (pr. Victory, 77a) can temporarily accommodate 3 families of 4 people.

KP Kharkivvodokanal is also ready to provide seats for 400 people in the children's recreation camps Fakel (Pomerki 27) and Romashka (Vasishchevo settlement), at the recreation center Aqua (Old Saltov village, Volchansk district).

In case of shortage of places for evacuees, another 400 people are ready to place in the barracks of Kharkov University Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub (ul.. Sumskaya, 77/79).

For those who want to temporarily settle in Kharkov, the only condition is that they must have a residence permit from Balakleya or Balakley district. Also, it may be displaced persons from the Donbass, temporarily residing in the territory where the emergency occurred.

According to Igor Terekhov, drinking water was sent from Kharkov to Balakleyu, and the city is ready to provide food if it is necessary.

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