European Commission proposes to make sanctions evasion a crime across the EU

26 May 2022, 00:51 | Economy 
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The European Commission has proposed to include sanctions evasion, including violation of restrictive measures against Russia, in the list of crimes throughout the European Union. This is stated in the EC communique..

Thus, in Brussels they want to create common rules for all member countries, which will simplify the investigation, prosecution and punishment of violators of the sanctions regime in all countries of the European Union.

“EU sanctions must be respected, and those who try to circumvent them must be punished. Violating European restrictions is a serious crime that should have serious consequences. To approve them, we need pan-European rules. As a Union, we stand up for our values \u200b\u200band we must make those who support Putin's war machine pay,” said Vera Yourova, Vice President of the European Commission for Values \u200b\u200band Transparency..

According to the statement, potential criminal offenses can be: participation in actions or activities aimed at directly or indirectly circumventing restrictive measures, including by hiding assets; failure to freeze funds that are owned, held or controlled by the specified person/entity; engaging in trade, such as importing or exporting goods subject to trade bans.

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“We must ensure that individuals or companies that circumvent EU restrictive measures are held accountable … Now different criminal definitions and sanctions for violating restrictive measures can still lead to impunity. We need to close loopholes and provide the judiciary with the proper tools to prosecute violations of the Union's restrictive measures,” said European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders..

The European Commission also noted that while Russian aggression against Ukraine does not stop, it is extremely important that European restrictive measures be fully implemented..

Earlier it was reported that the oligarchs of the Russian Federation, who fell under the sanctions, want to voluntarily donate a significant part of their fortune to the restoration of Ukraine in exchange for the lifting of sanctions..

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