Kahn: Bavaria doesn't need gravity, like running a club like a platform for a mean haircut

21 May 2022, 15:13 | Football 
Олівер Кан, Getty Images

On the other side of the slopes at the Munich Bavaria camp, the sports director of the "

" We are still with great strength. E rich gravtsіv, yakі want to grati for us. On the vіdmіnu vіd tsogo, the club for the development of madness hour vіd time to sell gravel. Ale is not about us.

We want to save our best gravel yakomoga for a long time. Why we continued this season with Kimmikh, Goretskaya, Koman and Muller. Jamal Musiala is also important for our future.

For me, the character, mentality, the building of remembrance for any minds are even more important - all this is the most important factor. Gravity can fight for victory in the skin. Ale not for skin care.

We need engravings, so we know what the presence of the emblem of Bavaria on the chest means. It is important to know such graves. We don’t need gravity, to run the club like a platform for a little haircut, to spend a short hour, and then drink,” the German functionary said.

Let's guess, for the bags of the current season, Bayern became the champion of Nimechchini ten years ago, or you can use your head attacker - Robert Lewandowski.

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